Ex-Con 2017
Saturday June 10th, 2017

Ex-Con 2017 will be held Saturday June 10th, 2017 in Las Vegas, Nevada!! You will find all of the pertinent information relevant to Ex-Con 2017 on this site including competition descriptions, hotel information, registration fees and more.


Ex-Con 2017 will be an “all day” competition on Saturday June 10th, 2017. It will be held at Veterans Tribute Career and Technical Academy located at 2531 Vegas Drive, Las Vegas, NV 89106. This is our new Police and Fire careers school. There will be (6) team events and (5) individual/”walk-up” events. There will be 1st -5th place (A and B) trophies for all of the events with the exception of the obstacle and bike courses, which will have 1st - 5th place medals. There will also be 1st-5th place overall trophies for the team events. To qualify for an overall trophy you must participate in all of the events.


Competition fees are $95.00 for Explorers and Advisors. The fees do include a t-shirt, gift bag, and a catered lunch provided on competition day. Drinks are also provided on competition day free of charge and will include water, sports drinks, and soda. There will be a professional video montage completed for partial viewing just prior to the awards, and then links to the entire video will be uploaded within 72 hours on the website, including still pictures as well.

The deadline for registration fees is Friday May 26th. All registration forms and fees must be received by this date in order to participate in the competition. When using PayPal, the forms will be sent instantly along with your payment, or you can complete the forms online, & mail a Check or Money Order to LVMPD Explorers PO Box 270208 Las Vegas, NV 89127. We must limit the number of participating posts to 40. You may send in an online reservation form to be put on the list, however you are not guaranteed a spot until your registration fees have been received. Please get your fees in as quickly as possible in order for us to get the number of teams correct so we don't go over our limit.

*** Refunds are only available until Friday May 5th, 2017 AND if credit card used to process original registration then PayPal processing fees WILL be deducted from the returned funds***

**Registration will be held on Friday June 9th at the LVMPD Headquarters, Building A, located at 400 S. Martin Luther King Blvd. Las Vegas NV, 89106. It will be open from 0900-1900 hours. If you are going to be later than 1900 hours, please call and let us know and we will do everything we can to accommodate you.

All registered participants, whether they are Explorers/Cadets or Advisors, MUST complete the Waivers of Liability & Medical Treatment Consent form linked below, and have in their possession when checking in at Ex-Con registration 2017 with original signatures.

All registered persons UNDER 18 years of age AND those over 18 years of age that are still carried by a parent/legal guardian’s medical insurance, MUST have parental signatures on the form where applicable! We apologize, but if this form is not completed at the time of registration, and missing signatures are needed by persons not available, then that participant is NOT allowed to participate in, nor attend, Ex-Con 2017.


The annual Ex-Con competition is only accessible to registered Explorers/Cadets & their respective Advisors. Due to our concerns for the safety and security of all attendees, we cannot allow non-registered persons to attend the competition (IE friends, family, etc.).

Security measures will be in place to overtly identify each and every registered attendee, and to identify volunteers and Ex-Con staff as well. Please NO GUESTS on site until the awards ceremony. We have tried to accommodate posts with this every year and have ended up with too many “guests”. If you have a ranking department member (Chief, Sheriff, Deputy Chief, etc.) please advise Ex-Con staff prior to the event and we will allow that individual on site during the competition. Thank You!!

Besides the aforementioned categories, NO OTHER PERSONS will be permitted access to the competition campus. We apologize, but our primary concern, especially with the types of competitions we are conducting, is always the safety and security of all persons involved.


Some agencies have asked about the host hotel for the competition, and while we do not have one for this year, last week we were able to secure a room block at the hotel we normally use: Santa Fe Station Hotel/Casino. The rates are $95/night on Friday and Saturday and $49 on Sunday. Here are the instructions for reserving a room:

Room Reservation Instructions:

Guests attending the event are to call the Reservations Office at (866) 767-7771 and identify themselves as guests of the “Excon Explorers” or ask for offer code ACIEX17. They can click here https://santafestation.sclv.com/hotel and enter the offer code.

In order to receive the group room rate a credit card must be posted and one (1) night’s room and tax will be charged to guarantee arrival. A 72 hour notice is required to cancel a room without penalty. A $100.00 security deposit is required either by credit card or cash upon check-in.

The cut-off date for reserving a room under this group code is May 22nd. If you already made reservations at this hotel at a higher rate, you can change them to this group rate by speaking to the Sales Manager Cindi Lee.


1.  Active Shooter

A minimum (4) maximum (6) person Explorer team will act as patrol officers who have been dispatched to "shots fired" reports at a Community College. Numerous calls from panicked students & faculty are coming in about unknown subject(s) shooting in the school. The Explorer team will be graded on decision making, team work, communication (with dispatch and as a team), clearing tactics and overall safety.

2.  Suspicious Person Stop

A minimum (2) person team with an optional (2) person back-up team will be dispatched to a suspicious person call. The team will be graded on their approach, communication skills, interview technique, contact / cover, and overall officer safety.

3. Unknown Risk Traffic Stop

A minimum (2) person team with an optional (2) person back-up team will conduct an “unknown” risk vehicle stop. The Explorer team must react to the scenario as it develops. Explorers will be graded on initial stop procedures, approach, contact / cover, verbal skills (with suspects), communication (dispatch and partners), observation skills, and overall officer safety.

4. Downed Officer Rescue

A minimum (2) person team with a maximum (6) person team will respond to a downed officer at a high school. The team will be graded on their approach, communication (dispatch and each other), team work and overall officer safety.

5.  Crime Scene Response

A minimum (2) person team with an optional (2) person back-up team will be dispatched to a suspicious situation call. They will arrive and locate a crime scene. The Explorer team will be graded on their overall observation skills, crime scene preservation skills, identification of evidentiary items, and overall team work.

6. Team Challenge

A (4) person team will climb a rock wall. There will be 4 levels of difficulty on the wall and each team will put one person on each level. They will then start with the easiest level and move to the most difficult. They will climb one at a time in order and the time will stop when the last Explorer reaches the top.

7. Obstacle Course (Advisors and Explorers)

Each individual Explorer / Advisor will run a timed obstacle course with multiple physical obstacles such as walls, beams, cones, dummy drag, push-ups, sit-ups etc. Every Explorer / Advisor can participate in this event but only the fastest male and female times for each post will count for overall scoring.

8. Urban Bicycle Course (Advisors and Explorers)

A (2) person team will be provided department approved mountain bikes and helmets. They will complete a timed bicycle course which will include cones, curbs, and other obstacles. The clock will not stop until both team members have crossed the finish line. Explorers and Advisors need to compete separately as there are trophies for both.

9. Air Soft Gun Shoot

This will be an individual walk up event. A maximum of (5) Explorers from each post will be able to participate in this event. Explorers will be scored on a target that will be shot with an “Air Soft” gun. The 5 highest scores will win trophies.

10. Firearms Simulator

This will be a firearms simulation computer event (MILO). Two (2) Explorers will compete as a team in this event. They will be graded on their verbal commands, threat perception, reaction time and team work.

11. Hogan’s Alley *** (NO LIGHT) ***

A minimum/maximum of (2) Explorers will use Ex Con Inc. semi-automatic air-soft A minimum/maximum of (2) Explorers will use Ex Con Inc. semi-automatic air-soft weapons in a Hogan’s Alley-Style target shooting event. There will be NO artificial lighting provided; therefore ALL competitors MUST HAVE A WORKING FLASHLIGHT in order to compete. They will need to work as a team, identify the proper threats, shoot on the move, be cognizant of their back drops and use basic building search techniques in a no light/low light setting.

*** Safety Notice ***

No firearms are permitted on the premises of the competition site. ALL red/blue guns, Air Soft, or other training/simulation weapons that will be carried &/or used by Explorers during the competition, MUST be inspected by Ex-Con Staff at Registration on Friday, June 9th . These items will be taped to show they were inspected and approved. Explorers are not authorized to use or be in possession of any training tools that would lead a reasonable person to believe could be a “firearm” that are not marked as “safe”. Please acknowledge our concern for the safety of all persons involved and help us insure all training aids are safe and secure.

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Ex-Con Law Enforcement Explorer Conference
Waiver Of Liability And Hold Harmless Agreement

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